Camping by a water source is a winning proposition.  Whether you have waves splashing on a sandy beach, the call of the loon over a misty lake, or the babble of a creek with a gentle flow, the sensation of water is both soothing to the soul and an invitation to have fun.  A kayak is an excellent invitation to the later and fits perfectly with the low-tech style of time outdoors.  The lake may be beautiful from the shore, but how exciting to glide silently like a water skipper across its surface.

Inexpensive and Easy to Handle

Kayaks can get you off the bank without breaking it.  One of the common expressions in recreational boating is B.O.A.T- Break out another thousand.  With Kayaks, you may have the entire family paddling for that figure.  Additionally, kayaks are relatively easy to transport.  A roof-rack will usually carry two and you may get three or more in the back of a pick-up truck.  Be sure each craft is positively secured by ratchet straps and tie-downs.

Kayak Fishing

Kayaks make an excellent fishing boat and several models come specifically designed for

The Shadow Caster kayak is sturdy enough to stand and cast.

paddling and angling.  One of the best and most inexpensive is the Shadow Caster by Field and Stream.  The Kayak sells for $799, about a third of some fishing kayaks and is so sturdy that you can stand up to fish and cast.  The Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers had a recent writing event where we invited manufacturers to demonstrate their new products.  The Shadow Caster was was an absolute standout.  The stern has a dedicated gear box that’s ideal for storing tackle, food, and drinks.  The craft is 12 feet long, yet very maneuverable.  A fisherman can paddle while seated until he get to the fishing area, fold the seat back, stand, and cast.  Field and Stream Shops offer a full line of Kayaks that can be found at their stores or at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  visit