Campers have been around almost as long as cars have been on the road. Now they are as innovative as ever.

Throughout the last 100 years, car and outdoor companies have strived to outdo each other for the most useful camper. Some pretty awesome and creative styles have come from this battle. Not all of them make it to consumers and into the outdoors, but they seem to sure have some fun trying new ideas.

Some of these definitely take the ruggedness out of camping by bringing a lot of home amenities into a little space. They also manage to keep style and practicality to the vehicle when it’s not being used on outdoor adventures into deserts, mountains, or anywhere you want to take them.

Ford Push Button Station Wagon


Old Cars and Trucks

This is one Ford prototype you wish had hit the market. Fully automated with push button controls; came complete with a boat, full kitchen in rear with refrigeration, a four person tent on the roof, and more.

Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailer


Barret Jackson

This little beauty took sportsmen out in style. Complete with a small row boat, fold-out work station, small sleeping area, storage areas, and an eight-gallon water tank. Plus the boats and campers could be made to match the same paint color as the vehicle towing them.

VW Shadow Camper

In Camper

This camper attaches to a Volkswagon’s roof to give you 360-degree turning radius. This eliminated all sway, jack-knifing, and fully centered the trailer’s weight across the Beetle. Came complete with bathroom, kitchenette, and enough room for three adults to sleep.

Saab Toppola



The camper is attached by removing the rear hatch and sliding the Toppola in place. Comes standard with storage area and a bed. Could be equipped with a small kitchen and a heater for winter use.



Concept Cars

This amphibious RV is the point where luxury meets land and water. Complete with hot and cold water, television, sleeping quarters, full kitchen, bathroom, living quarters, and so much more. Not to mention it can be driven straight into lakes for some fishing and swimming before being parked back at the RV ground.

VW Doubleback



It may look like a normal crossover driving down the road, but this car morphs into an amazing camper. Complete with kitchen, eating area, queen-sized bed, storage, power inverter for electronics, and more. Then it can all be folded back inside in time to drop the kids off at soccer practice.



Go-To Evolution

This new concept from Honda is the N-Camp. It is amazingly fuel efficient, four-wheel drive, and has many package options. The camper, although small, has a kitchen with eating area, and sleeping quarters. Set to be fully revealed in late February of 2015.




This is the ultimate getaway vehicle when going places most towed campers can’t. It has everything you need to stay in the harshest places. It has a battery bank system, 25-gallon filtered water storage offering hot and cold water, two-person sleeping area, refrigeration/freezer, eating area, and so much more.